The first of May of each year at Santa Croce in Rasina, near Gualdo Tadino,t akes life a special feast.

In this place, where rises a little church very old, for centuries-old tradition, a small people gathered among themselves, particularly the peasants with their families and the owners of the lands, for the blessing of the fields, for the Holy Mass, to celebrate the gifts received and to implore God’s help also with respect to future work. During the evening they concluded the day with the recitation of the Holy Rosary.

The current owners of the farm not only wanted to keep faith with the tradition, but were concerned to enhance this moment also inviting people outside the original range and giving himself to do to play everything in the best way possible.

“My grandfather – precise Marinella Gentilucci – already went to this party and my parents, when they bought this farm, they wanted to keep everything intact respecting the customs of the place, as they had been requested by the priest who sold the property. Now we try to involve the younger generation to keep alive this tradition. “

Currently participation is always larger, about a hundred people, both young and old, that seriously, but in a calm and spontaneous, follow all the gestures, from the Mass to the blessing of the fields, with the knowledge to do something that not only fits into a story, but it also responds to their humanity and life experience. The composure of these farmers, the elderly often accompanied by their grandchildren are a clear example of a dependence on God, which give thanks for the work received and to whom they entrust all missing persons who, through their hard work and their work, have contributed to the welfare and maintenance of this agricultural area.

The first of May this small people gathered and meets especially remember St. Joseph the Worker and artisan who, by his example, gave testimony of how the fatigue of daily living.

Now, more than ever it is important to raise awareness and promote these facts that build bonds of solidarity and leave a mark in the reality.

A people, though small, it needs to move, it needs someone to accompany, encourage and support himself.

In this sense Gentilucci family is the fundamental point of reference because, thanks to his tireless work, his love for the tradition of the place and its faith, has brought together the inhabitants of this Umbrian town in a significant way that will continue over time.